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Using LPG, this fire tray will help you to create real-life, controlled and contained fires. This means trainees get to use extinguishers on real flames in a very safe way rather than using a simulated fire environment.

By law employers are required to provide staff with training to know how to deal with a fire in the workplace.

Affordable fire safety training

Employ multiple staff? If you need to provide basic fire training for employees, this is an priceless tool.

Included in the kit

  • A fire training stainless steel tray.
  • A stainless steel chip-pan simulator that fits in the tray when needed for fire-blanket training
  • 5 metres of braided hose – excellent leak-proof capabilities and hard-wearing for tough environments.
  • Ball lever valve – gives you safe on and off control of the flames.
  • Gas regulator – gives you control of the size of the flames.
  • 2-way, valved, quick-release couplings – prevents gas from escaping when separated from the tray.
  • Four adjustable stabilising feet – allows you to level your fire-tray on uneven ground

Fire Training Simulator Stand also available for an additional fee.

Once the kit has been assembled by a trained & competent person, it will be ready to use.

The fire extinguishers that you can use on this training tray are;

  • Water
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Foam
  • Dry powder
  • Fire blanket when using the chip-pan simulator

Please check local environmental clean-up procedures if you’re using foam / dry powder fire extinguishers.

Please note – you will need a lighting wand (usually gas-powered), for easy and safe ignition. These can be purchased from garden centres.

You will need to purchase your own propane gas cylinder with a POL fitting – these are usually the same cylinders as used with most gas BBQs.


This kit fits easily into the boot of most cars

  • Fire-tray; L 40cm x W 40cm x H 13cm (L 47cm with handle measurement included)
  • Chip-pan; Diameter 33cm x H 30cm
  • Fire-tray & chip-pan; H 33cm

Included in the kit are print-outs of the assembly instructions and method statement for safe use.

IMPORTANT -This fire-tray kit is to be assembled and used by trained and competent people only. Fire training can be dangerous.

Postage – the kit will be posted to you or collection can be arranged.

Packed/boxed fire-tray dimensions

L = 53 W = 43 H = 36


If you have any particular item you need to simulate, please let us know.

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